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Milling Ring Machine (XH-300)

Ring milling machine is a special non-standard equipment for producing spiral wound gasket reinforcing ring. It is a new production process machine for producing reinforcing ring. In the past, the production of reinforcing ring was carried out with a certain fixture on the general lathe, and there were many processing procedures, laborious, time-consuming and material consuming. The utilization rate of raw materials was low, and there were many wastes in the lower corner. Especially in the production and processing of stiffening ring with large diameter, ordinary lathe can't process, and large vertical lathe is needed to process and produce, which is difficult to process. It also increases the processing cost of production cost. This equipment adopts new production technology, which reduces the cost of stiffening ring for producing spiral wound gasket. The advantage of this machine is that both the inner and outer stiffening rings can be processed and produced, and cooling is not allowed in the production and processing process. Liquid.

Main technical parameters:

Voltage: 380V50Hz adjustable speed motor: 0.55kw 0 ~ 1320 rpm

Cylinder diameter: 40mm cylinder stroke: 100mm driving axle wheel: 100mm

Thickness of ring: 3mm processing range: above DN300

Note: the metal ring with 2mm and 5mm thickness can be produced and processed by replacing the accessories of the machine.

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