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Molding Machine (CX-8)

This machine is a special equipment for the edge wrapping of graphite reinforced gasket. It is a kind of metal flat steel strip with certain parameters and specifications, which is cold drawn by the concave convex forming wheel with the same parameters. It provides the internal and external curve edge wrapping belt with trapezoid and anti trapezoid sections for the production process of graphite gasket.

Main technical parameters:

Motor: 380V 50Hz speed: 1400 RPM power: 1.1kw

Steel strip width: 6.1mm (7mm) (8mm) steel strip thickness: 0.2 ~ 0.25mm

Spindle speed: 35rpm cylinder stroke: 100mm cylinder nominal pressure: 0 ~ 0.8MPa

Trapezoid steel strip: bottom width = 3.3 waist length = 2.5 trapezoid angle = 60 excitation voltage regulation range: 0 ~ 15V

Boundary dimension: 960x620x1500 (mm)

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