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Compound Machine (FH-1500)

This machine is the main equipment in the production line of graphite reinforced gasket and composite plate. It is formed by rolling and laminating the graphite plate on the metal plate after double-sided punching without any adhesive. Its basic structure is composed of a pair of rollers with the same parameters and opposite direction. It is to fix the lower roller on a horizontal line and input the power by the motor, reducer and coupling. The shaft seats at both ends of the upper roller are installed in the vertical rectangular guide rail. The handwheel and screw mechanism are used to move up and down to adjust the spacing between the two rollers. A pair of meshing gears with the same parameters are installed at the same end of the two rollers to obtain the rotary movement with the same speed and opposite direction. The flexible graphite plate, a punching metal plate and a flexible graphite plate are pushed into the roller gap from the guide platform where the roller is meshed into the square, and the composite plate after rolling and finalization automatically falls into the finished work platform.


Main technical parameters:

Voltage: 38v50hz motor: 5.5kW speed: 960 rpm

Roll size: ¢ = 320mml = 1600mm HRC > 55

Gear parameter: 6m50z composite speed: 4.65m/min

Composite minimum thickness: H = 1mm composite maximum thickness: H = 5mm

Composite maximum width: B = 1600mm weight: 2500kg

Boundary dimension: 3500mmx2640mmx1500mm

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