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Sprint Machine (CH-1500)

        This machine is one of the main equipment for producing graphite reinforced plate. The metal plate in the graphite reinforced plate is processed by punching. The main function of this machine is to process the metal plate with certain parameters by punching the front and back sides of the machine. The punching is even, symmetrical and straight.

Main technical parameters:


Motor: 380V50Hz speed: 960 RPM power: 4kw

Maximum width of toothed plate: 1600mm thickness of toothed plate: 0.12-0.25mm

Stainless steel < 0.20mm carbon steel < 0.25mm punching frequency: 68 times / min

Automatic feeding speed: 400mm / sub punching needle specification: 1.0mm

Sprint height: 0.7-0.8mm pin hole spacing: 2.5mm

Boundary dimension: 2600mmx2000mmx1600mm weight: 2600kg

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