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Bending Ring Machine (WH-100)

Ring bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment matched with spiral wound gasket production equipment. It is a kind of non-standard special equipment for manufacturing and processing spiral wound gasket reinforcing ring. The original production process is to use plate, after cutting plate square, processing in ordinary lathe, the larger the diameter of the reinforcing ring, the lower the material utilization rate (because it is the square material processing and production reinforcing ring). Square plate The four corners and the inner part are the bottom corner materials. The ring forming equipment does not need the configuration of other tools. It is formed by cold bending of strip. Therefore, in order to reduce equipment investment and production cost, the strengthening ring forming machine can fully guarantee the quality of products and is an ideal equipment for producing spiral wound gasket strengthening ring.

Main technical parameters:


Voltage: 380V50Hz motor: 1.5kw1400rpmm spindle speed: 36rpmm

Distance between fixed shafts: 240mm diameter of forming wheel: ¢ 100mm


Working range: DN200 - ¢ 4000mm processing thickness: 3-5mm processing width: 5-60mm molding ring diameter error: ± 1mm

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