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Winding Machine (SWC-2800A)

       The numerical control coreless winding machine developed by our factory is based on the numerical control winding machine, and the automatic spot welding function is added. This machine adopts the winding technology of four wheels (active and driven) synchronous operation. The advantage is that it does not need the winding core mold, and can directly use the steel strip for winding (according to the circumference of the gasket diameter). It solves the problem that each specification and size need a chip, especially solves the core with large diameter. It is difficult to process chips. Chips with large diameter are not only expensive, but also hard to meet the technical requirements for the accuracy. Even if the chips can meet the technical requirements, they are easy to loosen in the winding process. This machine uses a new winding process instead of any size of core. This can save the cost of producing spiral wound gasket.

The machine can also be wound automatically with inner ring, with fast winding speed (stepless speed change), flat and not loose. The tightness of spiral wound gasket is controlled by adjustable pneumatic pressure. The tension of steel strip is guaranteed by adjusting the excitation voltage by electromagnetic friction device. The diameter of spiral wound gasket is controlled by digital controller, and the winding size can be set arbitrarily, and the machine will stop automatically after winding to the set size. Automatic belt breaking, automatic spot welding.

Main technical parameters:

Motor: 380V 50Hz 0.55kw CVT

Min. winding diameter: dn240 max. winding diameter: dn2800

Cylinder stroke: 100mm pneumatic pressure: 0 ~ 0.8MPa

Adjustable excitation voltage: 0 ~ 15V automatic attenuation voltage: 0 ~ 3V

Displacement sensor: 0 ~ 60mm controller accuracy: 0.10 mm

Boundary dimension: 1100x700x1700mm weight: 460Kg

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