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Lens gasket

   The lens metal ring gasket is used for the connection of oil and gas pipeline flange, pressure vessel, seabed, high-speed connection surface and high-pressure and high-temperature flange valve cover. According to the form of its connecting groove, it can be divided into elliptical pad, octagonal pad, RX high pressure type, BX high pressure type, triangular type and lens pad. The materials are 10 #, 304321316316l, etc., with full size series. Among them, BX type is widely used in wellhead equipment.

Adopt numerical control processing (the maximum numerical control can process 1200mm), and the specification is from dn15-dn900. The selected materials are 10 or 08, 0Cr18Ni9 or 0Cr17Ni12Mo2, etc.; the materials of small-diameter ring gasket are steel pipes made of special steel, and the materials of large-diameter ring gasket are provided by professional forge, strictly in accordance with the standard requirements of no welding of ring gasket of the Ministry of chemical industry.

Notice to users: the standards jb90-95, jb2776-79, jb2777-79, din2697-97, DIS, JIS, ASME, API, ans implemented by our factory can also be processed and produced according to the requirements of users.

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