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Metal clad gasket

Clad gasket has the same corrosion resistance and similar heat resistance as clad metal. The flexible filling material makes the gasket have a better sealing effect at a lower pressing force. It is suitable for making large diameter gasket with complex shape.



It is widely used in the sealing of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers and manholes, etc. corrugated packing can be used in the sealing of various pipeline flanges. It has the characteristics of metal and non-metal, and its sealing performance is good, especially it can be made into various complex shapes, while the large-diameter gasket is not scattered and easy to damage, the maximum temperature can reach 800 ℃, the use pressure is ≤ 6.4Mpa, and its leakage rate is 1 ╳ 10-3cm3 / s. If two sides are covered with soft stone black, the leakage rate can reach 1 ╳ 10-5cm3 / s. The large cover pad of coking tower in refinery can be reused for 3-4 times.


Notice to users:

Our factory produces according to GB / t15601-95. Jb4706-92. JB / t4718-92 ANSI. API. JIS and other standards. It can also make special specifications of non-standard packing pad.


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