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Winding Machine (SWC-800A)

       This machine is the production process of spiral wound sealing gasket. It is a special non-standard equipment for spiral wound technology. The metal belt and the non-metal packing belt are formed by certain structural parameters alternately and continuously rolling between the chip and the groove pressing wheel. Pneumatic components and electromagnetic components are used to effectively control radial force and tangential force to ensure constant and controllable production process parameters. The long metal belt and the long non-metal belt are selected to synchronize through the guide wheel system. The automatic feeding realizes the automation of the winding process, eliminates the influence of the manual operation, and ensures the stability of the product quality. Matched with the special controller for spiral wound gasket, it can realize the preset of gasket width size and the automatic attenuation of steel belt tension, automatically control the external dimension of spiral wound gasket, realize the automatic roll welding of spiral wound gasket (with large diameter), automatically break the belt, automatically demould, and improve the production efficiency by several times. It can also be spiral wound with inner ring gasket.

Main technical parameters:

Voltage: 380V50Hz power: 0.75KW 0 ~ 1380rpm

Min. winding diameter: DN50 max. winding diameter: DN800

Cylinder stroke: 100mm (60mm in use) pneumatic pressure: 0-0.8Mpa

Voltage regulator: 0-15v automatic attenuation voltage: 0-3v sensor: 0-60mm

Controller accuracy: 0.10 mm

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