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Winding Machine (SWC-200A)

      This machine is a special equipment matched with the winding machine. It is mainly used to pre press the flat and soft steel strip into "V" or "W" section in the production process of spiral wound gasket. The structural and technological parameters of this machine have been strictly selected, and the performance indexes of the gasket wound with its formed steel strip (equipped with the pneumatic numerical control spiral wound machine developed by this factory) have reached the technical conditions specified in the national standard.

Note: recently developed a dual-purpose machine, which can be used as forming machine and winding machine (maximum winding diameter dn400). With automatic control, automatic belt breaking, automatic demoulding function. Main technical parameters:

Voltage: 380V50Hz motor: 0.75kw

Speed: 0-1300 RPM spindle speed: inorganic variable speed

Voltage regulator: 0-15v cylinder stroke: 100mm

Sensor: 0-60mm winding minimum diameter: dn10

Maximum winding diameter: dn400

Note: additional accessories are required, and 3.2mm and 6.5mm steel strips can be formed.

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